Best Business University in Canada

Western tops list of best Canadian business schools for getting rich

The highest ranking Canadian school, University of Toronto’s Rotman school at 47th, came second in Canada for salary. Graduates there tend to make , 304.

Next in the ranking was York University’s Schulich school at 66th, but its average salary of , 332, trailed that of McGill University’s Desautels (ranked 84th best school) at , 604.

University of British Columbia’s Sauder business school was ranked 72th, but graduates made the least of the Canadian schools at $88, 881.

No Canadian school, however, can touch America’s top schools for big paycheques. Graduates in the United States who make the highest average salary ($184, 566) hail from Stanford Graduate School of Business, ranked No. 2 on the list, with Harvard graduates, the top business school, fetching $178, 300.

Most universities seem to....

by Tigertank919

Advise that students go during their Jr. year. You will probably try to attend an overseas university that has a strong department that matches your major. Also, by then you will have already taken a few foreign language classes to support your trip (unless you go to Canada, Ireland, Scotland, or England).
The best place to start is to declare a major (If you're not sure about a major declare LA, General Studies, or Business Management) and then discuss the opportunities with your advisor.
I had friends go to Cambridge U., Oxford, Heidelberg U., and Trinity in Ireland and they all fondly reminisce about their experience

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