Best undergraduate universities in Canada

Sunniest Places in the US and Canada

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Rank: 11

Ranked: 12

Rank: 21

Rank: 34

Rank: 77

Rank: 118

Rank: 101

Rank: 107

Rank: 287

Rank: 325

3) Florida

Miami, where you can “Party-in-the-city-where-the-heat-is-on” is another of the sunniest places in the US with the sun-and-education seeker’s paradise scoring 70% and 3154 hours of sunshine a year and some of the world’s best universities.

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Rank: 161

Rank: 230

Rank 401-450

4) Colorado

Don’t let the funny little guys on South Park ruin your thoughts of Colorado. Besides from being rated as among the most desirable places to live in the US, Denver, the state’s largest city is also one the sunniest places in the US receiving 69% and 3107 hours of sunshine a year.

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by edugirl

I am familar with the path for becoming a physician in the U.S., and just discovered that the American Association of Medical Colleges appears to cover medical schools in the U.S. and Canada:
So this is a good starting resource for you. You should be sure to use this website as it pertains to Canadian medical school applicants only.
In the U.S. the minimum prerequisites for medical school admission are a year each of biology, chemistry, and physics, with at least two quarters or a year of organic chemistry, depending on the medical school

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