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Free College Education From Strip Clubs in Canada Eh?

In August I began to hear ridiculous rumblings circulating through the Canadian media. Canada was no longer going to process temporary foreign worker applications from girls overseas who wanted to work in strip clubs in Canada. Tim Lambrinos, president of the AEAC, said stripping some how didn't belong on that list and told UPI:

“These women are entertainers. They’re performers, ” he said.

The Canadian public did not agree with Lambrinos statements and a whopping 61% agreed these entertaining performers should be sent home in a Toronto Sun poll. There was no information however to say what percentage came from each gender and I personally wondered if Canada was worried Russian girls were taking jobs away from the Canadian strippers.

Weeks after this article was published word surfaced that recruiters of teenage strippers would be soon combing Toronto high schools in search of female students who could be groomed into part-time strippers to earn their way through college. Flyers were being produced to flood high schools, colleges and universities in the Toronto area by a group representing dancers and club owners. The brochure claimed working as a stripper is lucrative and beats working at grocery chain Loblaws to raise that money for school.

Of course this all goes down to the federal government's decision to stop issuing visas or give out extensions to the foreign strippers working in Canada. There are more than 800 out-of-country exotic dancers that insist they will go work in the X-rated bowels of the earth in the sex trade if they can no longer dance here legally. Most of them are from Eastern Europe and South America and represent only 5% of the 38, 000 strippers working across the land.

One unidentified owner of a popular Toronto, Ontario strip club says he has many female students working for him that are studying to become lawyers, doctors and chartered accountants. If the flyers are picked up and read; the strip-club owners are hoping for Canadian girls to apply and some clubs are even offering an incentive of paying for some of their student costs. If that doesn't work it is back to plan B and the foreign strippers will file for refugee status.

Maybe some of this high profiled media has worked because word comes this week of pole dancing classes being offered in British Columbia because the parents have demanded it. As of September 6, four kids had signed up for the weekly class that costs a mere $70 Canadian per one hour session.


Are dance and gymnastics classes full?

Cristy Craig, owner of The Twisted Grip Dance and Fitness Studio says the class is offered to kids as young as 5, and then offered this gem to the National Post,

“My existing students were asking about it for their children. They were saying, ‘My daughter plays on my pole at home all the time, I’d love her to actually learn how to do things property and not get hurt.

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Looking 4 senior 2 teach me everyth about canada

by Zorld

Hello everyone, I'm a 30 yrs old chinese man with good education but just a modest teenager for canada or sould I say for the whole western culture. I have just been here for less 1 year and almost no friend. Is here anyone have enough free time and mood to teach me anything about here? anythiny such as English, tradition, church even household or garden work. I promise I will be a good student and friend if u like.
If you're interested, pls email me. Anyway, thank you everyone in advance.

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