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Going Green: 7 Awesome Eco-Friendly Jobs Abroad

1. Wildlife Tracking and Conservation

There are many job opportunities in Johannesburg, Africa to collect research and data on the land’s wildlife preserves. You can observe and come into close contact with some of the world’s most breathtaking mammals, including; elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, and giraffes. You can expect your accommodations to be as unique as the area, where you can take slumber in a bungalow, also known as an African hut. Enjoy the company of your fellow travelers and local guides as you take in the spectacular views of the African safari.

2. South African Research

Another option for you to help the wildlife effort is to work in the area of environmental studies. The Elephant and Rhino Conservation and Research Team invites you to contribute to their noteworthy cause.Going Green South African Research 2 Closely monitor these amazing creatures and study their behavior in South Africa. Your work in this area will provide you with an experience that will benefit your life and the world for years to come.

3. Coastal Community Aid in Ghana

Explore the beautiful, open space of Ghana and bring hope and support to this inspiring community. You will see your work benefit the people of Ghana firsthand while serving in the hospitals, schools, and the local radio station.Going Green Coastal Community Aid in Ghana 3 This humanitarian effort not only helps the people of of Ghana, but it also has a lasting and positive impact on its environment

4. Organic Farming

There are many eco-friendly job opportunities in Canada, including organic farming. An excellent position for someone looking to grow their skills and see vegetables emerge from seed to harvest. Living quarters are provided along with full access to the organic vegetables from the garden.

5. Forest Conservation and Research

Going Green Organic Farming 4Within the coastal forests of Kenya, you can work in the exciting research of the Colobus Monkeys. During your stay you will contribute to their preservation of these amazing animals and become a member of the local community. Experience the culture of this region and learn vital conservation and research skills.

6. Dolphin Conservation Work

Travel to southern Kenya and research dolphin behavior and improve their conservation. Your critical work will contribute to the world’s much needed research on the East African Dolphins while you enjoy the peaceful beaches of Kenya.

7. Scuba Diving Research

There are endless opportunities within the field of scuba diving research and conservation. One in particular is the exploration of the underwater environment in the Seychelles where you conduct coral reef monitoring and aquatic research.

Going Green Forest Conversation and Research 5 Going Green Dolphin Conservation Work Going Green Scuba Diving Research Karleia

Future is in immigration, no doubt about it

by Otherwise_America

Will not be able to compete, not with the current education system and cultural value. Although I would support a system under which highly educated professional/engineer/scientists get the priority. Smart people from third world countries are immigrating to Canada and Australia in droves because of relative open immigration policy. America, with largest market, much much bigger investment in R&D and far more job opportunities, is in the best position to attract those people. Too bad politics is stuck in putting the blame on foreigners mode. The shittier the economy is, the stringent anti-immigration politics has become, in places like Michigan where foreign capital (financial and human) and investment are absolutely necessary to life the economy out of slump, government are actually...

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