Pharmacy universities in Canada

Walmart Canada International Pharmacy Centre

Established in 2011 through a $1 million donation, the Walmart Canada International Pharmacy Education Centre is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to providing internationally-educated pharmacy students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in Canadian pharmacy practice.

Located just minutes from the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy at 256 McCaul Street on the University of Toronto’s St. George campus, the Walmart Canada International Pharmacy Education Centre provides students in the International Pharmacy Graduate program with a designated space that includes a 85-seat lecture room, breakout rooms and meeting rooms for independent and/or group study, kitchen facilities, as well as office space for program faculty and administration. During the 16-weeks of rigorous instruction, the Centre serves as a “home away from home” for students, many of whom travel great distances to participate in the program.

Compilation of computer programs used in schools of pharmacy in the United States and Canada
Book (School of Pharmacy. University of the Pacific)

In related news, Canada's "top philosopher"

by Woogy

Proves himself to be a boob.
Our Supreme Court however shows how to deal with bus advertising restrictions though:
"Citizens, including bus riders, are expected to put up with some controversy in a free and democratic society," the court ruled in its unanimous decision to allow potentially offensive speech on buses.
McGill philosopher scoffs at 'no god' bus ads
Charles Taylor calls campaign 'pathetic'

Canada's most renowned philosopher has weighed in on the debate surrounding the "atheist bus" campaign, describing as "pathetic" the cross-Canada advertising effort to promote the idea that "there's probably no God

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Increasing the effectiveness of the Diabetes Prevention Program through if ..  — 7thSpace Interactive
Ethical clearance has been received from the Research Ethics and Compliance Board of the Faculty of Medicine Research and Graduate Studies Office at McGill University (Montreal, Canada).Trial registration: Identifier: NCT02008435.

Study Highlights Potential Benefit of Transplant Drug in Treatment of HIV  — Infectious Disease Special Edition
Mark A.

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George Arnold Burbidge. Dean of Pharmacy in the Maritimes and a founder of Canadian pharmacy. A biography
Book (University Press)
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