Saint Xavier University Canada

History of StFX

History of StFX


St. Francis Xavier University was founded in 1853 and has a long and proud tradition as one of Canada’s oldest universities. Today, StFX is Canada’s premiere undergraduate university, consistently receiving the highest marks in Canada for academics. StFX is known for its strong spirit, its loyal alumni, its small class sizes, and its vibrant student body and residential campus experience. The strong spirit and values of StFX have been the cornerstone of the university for over 150 years. StFX is truly a “national university” and is unique in Canada in that 50% of the students come from every corner of Canada, North America, and with the StFX-Coady International Institute, the world. StFX has graduates in 140 countries around the globe, and this continues to strengthen the StFX experience and enrich the student experience at StFX.

The Early Years

During the first half of the 19th century, close to a million farmers, labourers and tradesmen came from the British Isles to the shores of Nova Scotia to seek a better life, joining the Acadians and Aboriginal peoples already settled there. In the early years, the vast majority of immigrants to the region where StFX was eventually founded were of Scottish Highland decent. In fact the primary language for the over 50% of the people in these early years was Gaelic. To this day there are Gaelic signs and a vibrant Gaelic community in the Antigonish region, along with the oldest Highland Games in the world outside Scotland. Scottish Highlanders made up 67% of the StFX constituency, while Acadians, Irish, English and Aboriginal made up the rest.

StFX was born to serve this diverse community. StFX offered the only university-level education in the region at that time and, partnered with the Roman Catholic diocese, maintained strict academic standards in order to give those who wanted the best education possible.

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USA!, nothing to cheer about


The USA is only where it is today on the world stage thanks to us Canadians. We fill your entertainment industry with high caliber artists; we are on your TVs and in your Movies, we are in your comedy industry since a large portion of comedians are Canadian by birth. We are better regarded on the world stage as we are not perceived as being the UGLY or DUMB American. Your universities are filled with our professors, your space science is thanks to the research done here in Canada. Your literacy rate in terms of the USA is fully 30% below the rate of Canadians and that being said only 15% of our total population are not college or university graduates

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U of T faculty consider option to unionize  — The Globe and Mail
The institution is one of a handful of research universities in Canada where faculty are not certified as a trade union.

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