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Health Information Management Program

Length: 4 semesters

Students complete a total of 350 practicum hours over the course of the program. Practical experience components reinforce learning through hands-on experience and provide an opportunity to develop and improve students’ skills concurrently with the educational component. Students must arrange to complete their sessions in a health information management department (in their own organization or one nearby) under the supervision of a Health Information Management professional. The Practicum supervisor must occupy a lead or managerial role in the department and actively be involved with overseeing the area where the student will be completing the placement activities. It is required that the placement supervisor be CHIMA certified. The placement can be completed in various HIM-related areas such as Health Records, Privacy, Information Technology, Decision Support, Clinical Trials, Ministries of Health, and all types of health care facilities from acute to community care. It is recommended that students who wish to secure practicum placements in a non-acute care facilities have a secondary site in a hospital in order to complete certain aspects of the practicum. For more information, please contact the Program Manager.

kerry'Important: Students must make themselves aware of any jurisdiction-specific requirements for practicum support, and are advised to investigate the practicum support process early. Students in Alberta must seek practicum support via the Alberta Health Services centralized intake process and are strongly advised to do so prior to November in the year of application. AHS has waiting lists for placement spots in some areas of Alberta.

Students who currently work in a healthcare environment may arrange their practicum at their place of work. For students who are specifically working in an HIM department, it is recommended that they complete at least one practicum at a different site or area in order to acquire a variety of experiences, but this is no longer mandatory. Practicum time must be unpaid.



For a full list of the 2014-2015 Health Information Management program admission requirements, please click here. Please review the admission requirements carefully.

Required Registration Documents

Important: You MUST submit a complete application package in order to have your application considered.

Homeland Defense is You and me and the FBI

by BerkeleyGirlX

Sept. 21, 2001
Homeland Defense Is You and Me
I wrote this column Wednesday night. I had no clue what the president was going to say about 'homeland defense' or that he would create a Cabinet post for that purpose. For the complete article on 'homeland defense,' check out Parameters magazine, Autumn 2001.
In case you hadn't noticed, the last week or so there is a new term being bandied about – homeland defense. The 'new' concept did not arise out of the devastation of September 11, 2001. The idea of a homeland defense as a governmental entity has been brewing in the military and civilian policy centers for some time

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