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Straight Talk on Measles Vaccine in Canada

Steno poolThe measles vaccine changed all that. Women who were vaccinated as children became susceptible as adults because their immunity wore off.

A study in Houston of 12 pregnant women and one who had just given birth, all of whom had measles, found one died, seven suffered pneumonia and seven hepatitis, four went through premature labour and one lost her child in a spontaneous abortion. A study of eight measles pregnancies in Japan found three ended in spontaneous abortions or stillbirths while four babies were born with congenital measles; two mothers endured pneumonia and one hemorrhagic shock. A Los Angeles study of 58 such pregnancies found 21 ended prematurely (three induced abortions, five spontaneous abortions and 13 preterm deliveries); 35 of the 58 mothers were hospitalized, 15 contracted pneumonia, and two died.

The danger extends to babies, whose bodies are too immature to receive measles vaccination before age one, making them entirely dependent on antibodies inherited from their mothers. In their first year out of the womb, infants suffer the highest rate of measles infections and the most lasting harm. Yet vaccinated mothers have little antibody to pass on . . .

Solomon went on to describe the safety issues that caused the first measles vaccines to be withdrawn in Canada.US Measles chart Efficacy is also questionable, as Solomon wrote,

In recent years, the new vaccination regime, too, has been failing, with widespread outbreaks again occurring, including among those who have received the recommended dose and especially among infants too young to be vaccinated, and thus unprotected because their mothers had been vaccinated. Now health experts, scrambling to find solutions, are suggesting numerous reforms, including earlier child vaccinations and second doses for adults.

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Homeland Defense is You and me and the FBI

by BerkeleyGirlX

Sept. 21, 2001
Homeland Defense Is You and Me
I wrote this column Wednesday night. I had no clue what the president was going to say about 'homeland defense' or that he would create a Cabinet post for that purpose. For the complete article on 'homeland defense,' check out Parameters magazine, Autumn 2001.
In case you hadn't noticed, the last week or so there is a new term being bandied about – homeland defense. The 'new' concept did not arise out of the devastation of September 11, 2001. The idea of a homeland defense as a governmental entity has been brewing in the military and civilian policy centers for some time

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