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POC Training/ Education Programs

Annemarie MayPOC believes in the value of education, and we are committed to delivering educational programs, seminars, training and events that set the standard in professional organizers across Canada.

These programs include:

A one-hour, non-credit teleclass aimed at individuals interested in becoming a professional organizer. Find out what it’s like to run your own organizing business.

This program is the industry standard in organizing professionalism and excellence. Challenging and deeply rewarding, it comprises 12 courses led by subject matter experts.

This training program covers everything you need to know to create, market and operate a successful business as a professional organizer.

Ongoing education helps professional organizers learn new skills and expand upon their area of expertise to stay on top of industry trends and remain competitive.

While the professional organizer training courses are open to everyone, we encourage people to become a POC member to take advantage of significant training course discounts as well as additional benefits that our members enjoy.

Training Benefits

Colette RobicheauTraining and ongoing education helps you get a competitive market advantage, and add to your existing credibility as a professional organizer. Our POC Professional Organizer training programs enable you to:

  • Find out how to run your own business more easily
  • Keep up-to-date on industry standards
  • Discover new tools that will help your business
  • Improve your self-confidence
  • More confidently teach/coach your clients
  • Build your capacity to earn more money

How to Become a Professional Organizer

Got a knack for cutting through the clutter? Are you good at planning and managing your time? Do all your friends ask you to come over and help organize their closets? Why not put your skills to work and become a professional organizer?

If you've ever thought about becoming a professional organizer but weren't sure where to start, POC has created a "Should I Become a Professional Organizer?" non-credit information session. This one-hour teleclass session gives you the chance to ask a veteran organizer questions and get information about the steps involved in becoming a professional organizer. Find out what it's like to run your own organizing business and be your own boss.

To learn more about how to become a professional organizer, read our FAQ section entitled, "What is a professional organizer?" If you see yourself in the role of a professional organizer helping people find balance and order in their lives, then be sure to register for the next Should I Become a Professional Organizer?" teleclass session.

Learning Options:

Teleclasses: Not sure what a teleclass is? Click here to learn more.

POC Trained Professional Organizer Program

The Trained Professional Organizer Program is a rewarding learning experience led by professional organizers and subject matter experts. Courses cover residential and business organizing, safety, basic marketing, assessments, working with children and seniors, as well as many other...

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I teach in communication, music, theatre, general humanities, and world culture--and I'm pretty familiar with a wide range of subjects. The hard sciences and technologies all have professional committees that set precise definitions for established terms--in chemistry, you know what "molar" or "reagent" means; physicists and engineers all use "torsion" in the same precise way, etc.
In those liberal arts courses, the same thing is often described by different terms, and sometimes the same term is used for different things

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