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The Mechanical Engineering programme at the University of Manitoba is ranked 15th in North America and 5th in Canada.The best university for students to obtain an aerospace engineering or aeronautical engineering degree is through UCSI University’s twinning programme with the University of Manitoba, Canada.

This Engineering degree transfer pathway allows students from UCSI University in

Malaysia to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada by completing a portion of their degree studies at UCSI University in Malaysia and then transferring to The University of Manitoba for the remainder of their degree program.

UCSI University engineering students have a 2-month internship for every year of their studies.The maximum number of courses that can be transferred is from nineteen to twenty-two depending on the program and which courses are offered at UCSI.

Students after SPM will join the Foundation in Science at UCSI University for 1 year

before going into the Manitoba Engineering degree transfer programme for 2 years.

However, students can transfer to the University of Manitoba (UM) anytime during their studies as long as thy complete a minimum of eight Year 1 courses at UCSI. To be accepted to UM the student must obtain an overall GPA of 2.7 and pass all courses with a minimum grade of C.Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace Option at the University of Manitoba All courses taken at UCSI are transferred to UM once they have been accepted.

As a university, UCSI has autonomy with their courses and U of M assesses each course periodically for equivalency to courses taught at U of M. Additionally, UM makes yearly visits to UCSI to assess the quality of education and meet wth administrators, instructors and students in the program.

The current pathway applies to all of the programs in the Faculty of Engineering:

  • Biosystems Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering (including the Aerospace Option and Manufacturing Option)
Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba, Canada The North Wing campus of UCSI University is equipped  with state-of-the-art engineering labs and sporting facilities University of Manitoba campus Manitoba4
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