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An audience of over 200 students, faculty members and researchers from Montreal gathered in room H-415


The Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability is proud to announce its first Symposium on Sustainability and Human Rights. The event will take place on November 21-22, 2013 in rooms H-1220 (Day 1) and AD-210 (Day 2). Join us as we host Fulbright Scholars from Canada and the U.S to discuss the numerous links between sustainability and the state of human rights in several countries. The Keynote Speaker will be Dr. Frank Chalk, Director of the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies. Scholars are encouraged to present at the Symposium by filling out the submission form (below). For more information, please refer to the documents below, or email Adan E. Suazo at

Thank you for an outstanding first edition of the Canaire Conference on Pilgrimage Studies: The Ecstatic Journey

The Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability and the Theological Studies Department at Concordia University hosted for the first time ever, their joint Canaire Conference on Pilgrimage Studies. The two-day event took place on May 3 & 4 in rooms H-767 and SP-S110, in both SGW and Loyola Campuses. We were honoured to host a total combined audience of 119 people, with members of the academic, artistic and student communities. The keynote speaker for the conference was Dr. George Greenia from the College of William and Mary, Virginia.

LCDS Principal Rosemarie Schade, Anna Tsing and LSRC Director Peter StoettWe look forward to hosting other editions of this great initiative!

Another Successful Concordia-Siena Conference on Globalization

LCDS Students, faculty and staff joined their colleagues at Siena College (New York) for the 8th consecutive edition of the Annual International Concordia-Siena Conference on Globalization. This year's theme was "Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice", and students and faculty delivered papers to stress the need for more attention on matters of sustainability. The keynote speaker of the conference was Robert Freling.

The Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability (LCDS) and its new Loyola Sustainability Research Centre (LSRC) were proud to have co-sponsored an extremely engaging talk by world-renowned researcher Anna Tsing. We continue to host overattended events, drawing an audience of over 200 people to room H-415 at Concordia University's Sir George Williams Campus.

Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability presents the film "Something Grand"

We are very pleased to have hosted the film premiere of Matthew Anderson's film "Something Grand", on November 19 2012. Members from several communities were guests, as well as individuals from abroad. The event was attended by 200 people, a record for LCDS. To watch a trailer of the film, visit Matthew Anderson's blog. ]

Loyola International College presents the 7th Concordia-Siena Conference on Globalization, March 30-31, 2012 "Sustainability: RIO + 20"

5th Chemistry and Biochemistry Conference highlights. (Student News).: An article from: Canadian Chemical News
Book (Chemical Institute of Canada)

ESL teaching in Canada

by ESLteacher

I'm not Canadian, but if you don't find vocational ed jobs easy to get up there, you may want to look into intensive programs for international students up there. Such programs (the good ones are part of universities or at least closely affiliated with them) must be experiencing a boom in Canada. It's too hard for students, including Asians, to get visas to the U.S. right now because of stupid new laws and red tape after 9/11. So lots of them are choosing to go to other countries instead, and I would assume Canada would be one of them.

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