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WeAll know people from all over the world like to work in Canada but the procedure to do so is tough. So you can go for the different employment agencies in Canada who performs every work for you in exchange of some money from providing you interviews to work permit to work in Canada. These agencies also help the companies to recruit good candidates which will be beneficial and are qualified for the company. These type of agencies recruit people in almost every field like health services, retail and services, manufacturing, hospitality and many others but only for some specific post like chefs, executive chefs, nurses, retail sales supervisors, carpenters, mechanics, operators etc. you can check this on their sites Now there are so many Skilled Workers Canada agencies who handle these things so there is lot of competition between them and they provide different type of services to increase their popularity like assign one foreign worker agent for one candidate, assist companies in getting permission from federal government to hire people, test the candidate to check whether he is qualified to work in Canada or not, helps in getting fast work permits, most off all 24 hours helpline so that there is no problem for their costumer and many more. Hiring foreign workers is beneficial for the companies too as there are many advantages of this.fast food workers

1. Better Workers:- The workers of the Canada are somewhat stubborn and if they don’t get according their work can fight with company or find other jobs for themselves where as the foreign workers will come and work with no demands.

2. Cost:- The local people demand for more wages than these people as it is sufficient for them like these people will demand for $1500 and at the same time local people will demand for $ 2000 so they have to run their business so they prefer to hire such people.

3. Foreign Connections:- They also hire to build up connections with other countries so that they can build up their business in other countries too like in India, China etc.

4. Allegiance with India and China:- According to reports in future the India and china will conquer the market. So to have good relations with the government to help them later is also very necessary for them. They want to form a bilateral relation by giving these country people job and making economic relations with them.

These agencies are beneficial for both the employees and employers as they help the candidates to get good jobs and help the companies to hire good and qualified employees. These companies also have the feature of replacing the candidate as if the company doesn’t like the candidate he or she might want to replace him or her. This is absolutely free of cost except the transportation charges this feature also helps in improving their business a lot. is a good foreign worker agency which provides all these services to you.
Fraser Inst Market for Employment, Personnel and Security: A Service Sector Analysis (Economics of the Service Sector in Canada)
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Yes, employment agencies should be separate

by thedwightguy

That is exactly what they're doing: building a file so they can "show" their prospective account that they have "inventoried" personnel.
The same things happens seasonally with spring, moving, roofing, construction, and companies bidding on large contracts:(now hiring 400 people for railroad tie removal)They don't have the contract.
It should also be against the law to ask for a drivers' abstract or any personal information until you bring it in with the interview. Canada employment doesn't police these posters on their site either.

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