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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers are generally concerned with the planning, designing, construction and maintenance of equipment used in manufacturing as well as the finished consumer product. A growing number of mechanical engineers are becoming involved with increasing the nation's energy supply and improving the quality of our environment.

The Faculty of Engineering offers a uniquely designed 4-year Bachelor of Engineering degree program in Mechanical Engineering which is accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB). A co-op education/internship Bachelor of Engineering degree is also available.

Students can enter the first year of the Bachelor of Engineering degree program directly from high school, or if additional academic preparation is required, by successfully completing the Common Year in Applied Science. The structure of this program permits students to complete the requirements of an Engineering Technology Diploma in Mechanical Engineering by the end of the second year of the Bachelor of Engineering degree program. At this stage;

(1) you may continue in the degree program, with or without the co-op/internship option, to earn a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering in two more years of study,

(2) you may choose to obtain work experience since you have graduated with marketable skills from an accredited Mechanical Engineering Technology program. After acquiring valuable work experience, you may apply to return to


University to complete your engineering degree, or

(3) you may choose to enter the workforce as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist.

Qualified engineering technology graduates from accredited Canadian technology programs can enter the degree program in third year after completing post-diploma transition courses offered in the summer session prior to third year. The summer program is designed to assist qualified engineering technologists from other institutions make the transition to university studies.

The first two years of the Bachelor of Engineering degree program in Mechanical Engineering emphasizes basic engineering principles and methods of modern production and design, as well as safety issues and communication in manufacturing and production. This foundation along with the study of mathematics and engineering sciences will enable graduates of our mechanical engineering technology program to function effectively in the fields of practical engineering design, product development and production planning.

The last two years develop the engineering principles through a vigorous study of mathematics, numerical methods, engineering sciences and design, to ensure the graduates to have a solid background knowledge in mechanical engineering design and analysis using the most current engineering analytical tools. This four-year mechanical engineering program design has been accredited by The Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board since 1974.

Faculty members of the Department of Mechanical Engineering are specialists in their fields of endeavour and offer current information related to theory and practice by conducting research and their liaison with organizations on a local, provincial, national, and international basis.

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For general inquiries, contact:

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Administrative Officer, Faculty of Engineering

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