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University of Windsor, Canada

The University of Windsor has 16, 000 students – including more than 1, 100 international students from around the world, who come to Windsor especially for its superb engineering, science and business programs,

all taught in the industrial centre of North America – one of the great economic engines on the planet! And with the university’s unique “Soft Landing Program”, all newcomers are offered plenty of support in preparing for and transitioning to student life in Canada.

Windsor is particularly famous as Canada’s automotive centre. The industry is one of Canada’s biggest employers, and the University of Windsor is one of the main resources for expertise and future labour. The University itself hosts a $750 million automotive research centre, which employs hundreds of students.

Windsor has more than 120 different undergraduate majors and minors – including some particularly unique degrees in the areas of Social Justice, Environmental Science, and Medicine. With renowned faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, Windsor supports students in pursuing independent, original scholarship with meaningful real-world applications.

UWindsor StudentsAnd speaking of “real-world” applications – with Windsor’s close proximity to Detroit, Michigan, students benefit from longstanding industry partnerships between the two countries. The cities are divided by a river, and driving to the USA literally takes one minute!

Extraordinary Fun:

  • Cross the bridge to Detroit and do some shopping in the USA
  • Check out the Chrysler Canada Greenway – a great space for hiking, biking, bird watching, cross country skiing, and horseback riding
  • Learn more about Windsor’s French-Canadien heritage by taking yourself on a guide-book street tour through the city
McGill-Queen's University Press Prayers, Petitions, and Protests: The Catholic Church and the Ontario Schools Crisis in the Windsor Border Region, 1910-1928
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Universal health care= tax hikes in recession

by five0

That's all it is. Socialised programs are just another excuse to make it socially acceptable to raise taxes during a recession. Hillary's healthcare plan is too expensive. If you look at the way it works in Canada and Europe, people die waiting for emergency care. They pay premium prices in their taxes for it - and we all wonder where the money goes.
If you don't believe me, they're coming to America to get life saving medical treatments.
The problem with socialised health care is that there is no incentive for the government to provide quality insurance. THere's no competition for the government, you can't really sue the government or hold them responsible for malpractice and other things of that issue

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Waterloo, Ont.-based enterprise software firm OpenText Corp. will create 1,200 new jobs across Ontario over the next seven years with an infusion of $120 million from the Ontario government, the company announced this afternoon.

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