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Canada Owes Haiti More Than Apology, Ottawa

Please read and sign the Letter @ (I already did!)

As we approach the 10th anniversary of the February 29, 2004 Coup d’Etat that toppled Haiti’s democratically-elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, hundreds of Canadians, across the country, have signed a letter of apology to Haiti for the role they say Canada played in the violent overthrow.

University of Ottawa Professor of Economics Michel Chossudovsky says the Canadian Government should, in fact, face legal action for the part it played in the Haitian 2004 Coup d’etat, ” a crime against humanity” ( – AUDIO Excerpt of Bouyon Rasin, Feb 23, 2014 Interview, in French)

In the online Letter of Apology, the authors cite which show that on March 10, 2004, ten days after the coup, Conservative MP Stockwell Day, then-foreign affairs critic for the opposition, declared in Parliament:

“… we have an elected leader Aristide. We may not have wanted to vote for him… But the (Canadian) government makes a decision that there should be a regime change. It is a serious question that we need to address. That decision was based on what criteria? We must have this discussion…This was clearly a regime change. Whether we like to admit it or not, we took part.”

Haiti solidarity actions, commemorating the Coup d’etat are held in several Canadian cities, this week.

Haiti’s most prominent human rights defender, Attorney Mario Joseph, will speak in:

  • Toronto:, at U of T, 45 Willcocks St. (New College). Organized by Toronto Haiti Action Committee.
  • Ottawa: Friday, Feb. 28 (Press Conference @ 11 am – Videotron Press Room, 25 Laurier Ave., Gatineau, & Discussion @ 7 pm, 233 Gilmour St., one block west of Elgin. Organized by Akasan, Kozayiti/Ottawa Haiti Solidarity Committee, others. Info: Contact Jean Saint-Vil (613) 482-2549
Multilateral approaches to verification: With a review of Canadian research on arms control verification : Carleton international proceedings, 1986, ... Affairs, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
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Canada Tells Ann Coulter: "Watch Your Mouth"

by Titania

The National Post reports that University of Ottawa Academic Vice President and Provost Francois Houle e-mailed the controversial pundit on Friday. He wrote:
"Our domestic laws, both provincial and federal, delineate freedom of expression (or "free speech") in a manner that is somewhat different than the approach taken in the United States. I therefore encourage you to educate yourself, if need be, as to what is acceptable in Canada and to do so before your planned visit here."
He continued, "Promoting hatred against any identifiable group would not only be considered inappropriate, but could in fact lead to criminal charges

Ontario kicks in $120 M for OpenText jobs plan  —
Waterloo, Ont.-based enterprise software firm OpenText Corp. will create 1,200 new jobs across Ontario over the next seven years with an infusion of $120 million from the Ontario government, the company announced this afternoon.

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