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Here's How Passbook Works in Canada with Cineplex Mobile

With the, numerous users are probably scratching their heads on how to get Passbook to work. Essentially, developers need to update their apps to make them Passbook ready, and some apps such as Cineplex Mobile have been updated to work with the new feature.

Cineplex Mobile received an update today for iOS 6 compatibility and iPhone 5 support, alongside Passbook integration:

What’s New in Version 3.1
- Fullscreen iPhone 5
- iOS 6 support
- Passbook Integration

Our own was able to quickly try out Passbook with the Cineplex Mobile app. All he had to was launch Cineplex Mobile, tap the Passbook button and his existing purchased tickets automatically loaded when he launched Passbook.

Check it out below (hey Anthony, we know what movie you’re watching this Friday!):

Here’s how Passbook looks like with a few other dummy cards from

Here’s the ‘shredding’ feature when you delete something from Passbook (we saw this at the iPhone 5 keynote demo):

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