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Culture War Correspondence: Universal Healthcare

GORDON: Ladies and gentlemen, we appreciate your patience. Your doctor should be with you in flipping never, because you have privatized healthcare and as such, can only afford the most basic treatment.

KAT: Today, in case you hadn’t guessed, we will be discussing Health Care. I suggested this discussion for today because Stewart asked us to discuss it after I posted this video on our Facebook group. And since Gordon is from the States and I am from Canada, I thought it would be a good opportunity to compare our personal experiences.

GORDON: Now the fact I’ve been fortunate enough to have avoided needing anything much in the way of healthcare is probably a miracle, considering my lifestyle. Having grown up in the 3rd world, what medical issues I did have were largely taken care of at a comparatively low-cost and high-quality.

KAT: Right. I guess you didn’t really spend most of your life in the States. What kind of medical issues did you have to deal with? If you don’t mind me asking. And what would those treatments have cost if you had them in the states?

GORDON: My braces would probably be the biggest cost I had to deal with, and having had those when I was a kid, I’m not exactly sure of the exact price. My understanding, however, was that the initial process back in Syria was approximately 2, 000 bucks, as compared to upwards of 4, 000 in the US.

KAT: Right. Unfortunately dental isn’t covered by our health care here in Canada either, which is unfortunate because I have terrible teeth. I just finished shelling out a couple hundred dollars to get a few fillings, and that was with my student discount.

Sick and Sicker: will ObamaCare bring us the wonders that Canada's universal healthcare is providing sick Canadians? Yes, it will cause us to ... review): An article from: The New American
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A Canadian speaks about their healthcare sytstem

by moxie888

As a born-and-raised Canadian who has taken free health care for granted his entire life, I genuinely don't understand this debate. I mean, understand it in terms of "we blindly oppose anything Obama does" but as for the opposition to universal health care itself, I really don't get it. And I'm shocked at how misinformed most people seem to be about it.
Imagine this: in Canada if I need a cast for a broken bone, I don't pay for it. If I need surgery, I don't pay for it. If I need to see my doctor because I have a sore throat, I don't pay for it.
People in the US seem to think you would have to make enormous sacrifices in terms of quality of care in order for this to happen, but I just don't see it

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