Cost of Higher Education in Canada

Tuition costs of higher education in top eight countries

Planning to study abroad? Then before applying to any college or university you must be well aware about the expenses related to your studies. Pursuing higher education programme from any foreign university is a costly affair. It can cost you five times higher as compared to studying in your home country. The tuition fees of foreign colleges have a disincentive effect on the poor and middle-income families. There has been a general trend toward marked increase in tuition fees in recent years, even though in countries where tuition fee have generally been much lower than average. For instance, tuition fee in Canadian colleges have gone double in last ten years.

Tuition fees can vary between courses, institutions, and whether the students are resident or international student. Learnhub compares tuition cost of full time undergraduate programmes in America (Canada, United States), Europe (UK, Ireland, France, Germany, and Netherlands) and Australia.

Tuition cost in United States

USA is one of the most developed countries of the world. The living cost of America is high as compared to other countries, so does the case of tuition fees. The tuition fee in USA varies from $ 5000 to $ 30, 000 per year. The cost of tuition fee for national students is about $ 9000 and & 20, 000 for international students.

Tuition cost in Canada

Students from different counties choose Canada as their study destination. There are many reasons behind this and one big reason is cost to study. The cost to pursue a higher education in Canada is low as compared to other foreign countries such as UK, USA and Australia. Average domestic tuition fee is around $ 9, 000 and tuition fee for international students is around $ 25, 500.

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To all those who think life in Canada, Europe or

by anotherindian102

Australia is better. Why on earth would you want ANYONE want to live in places where the taxes are higher, salaries are lower, cost of goods and services (whether it be automobiles, clothes, food, electronics, etc.) are higher? Granted, many of these other countries give free or subsidized medicare and/or higher education. But I still say America is the best place on earth for the young. When you get old, it might be a good idea to immigrate to Canada (for the free healthcare, of course!) ;

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