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Ted Whetter copy1. What are your fashion goals?
My current goal is to gain the knowledge and skills needed in fashion and eventually get lots of experience in fashion design. Hopefully to then become a designer who can express ideas in a creative way.

2. How would you describe your design style?
I would describe my design style as elegant and luxurious while being comfortable as much as possible.

3. What is the most important thing you’ve learned in college?
I’ve earned a lot of experience while doing all the projects and assignments throughout the program. It is really difficult to narrow it down to one thing but I will mention that considering the technical aspect of design while also being patient when I want to express my own ideas is the most important thing I’ve learned.

4. What is the motto you live by?
Think big and dream bigger!

1. What do you like best about designing clothes?
I enjoy the freedom of being able to create garments that are unique and represent my design aesthetic.

Barareh Kianifar copy2. What challenged you the most in the TÉLIO Competition?
The biggest challenge was getting the exact fit I wanted and managing each individual piece within the construction of the look.

3. If not Fashion Design, what would you have liked to study?
Art has always been an extremely important part of my life. If not Fashion Design, I would probably be studying Fine Arts.

4. What do you daydream about?

Report on the train the trainer intercultural communication program
Book (George Brown College)

To all those who think life in Canada, Europe or

by anotherindian102

Australia is better. Why on earth would you want ANYONE want to live in places where the taxes are higher, salaries are lower, cost of goods and services (whether it be automobiles, clothes, food, electronics, etc.) are higher? Granted, many of these other countries give free or subsidized medicare and/or higher education. But I still say America is the best place on earth for the young. When you get old, it might be a good idea to immigrate to Canada (for the free healthcare, of course!) ;

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