HEC Montreal University, Canada

Samantha: HEC Montreal (Semester 1, 2013)

As cliché as it sounds, going on exchange was the best thing I have ever done and I cannot recommend it enough!I’m a 4th year student studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Laws and a Diploma in French and took courses towards my commerce finance major while at HEC. A full-time study load at UQ is equivalent to 5 subjects at HEC but don’t be put off – each subject has only one 3 hour class per week so there is still plenty of time to explore Montreal! I took all my classes in English and found the difficulty level to be similar to that at UQ, perhaps even a little easier as many of your classmates will speak English as a second language.

Montreal’s location makes it is an ideal base to explore North America. While on exchange I travelled to Cuba, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Quebec City, Vancouver, the Canadian Rockies, Vermont, New York (twice), Boston (twice), Washington, Miami and Orlando. I definitely recommend going on every trip that Hechange organises, including any ski trips (especially the ski trip to Jay Peak in Vermont). These trips pushed me outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to forge friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I also recommend travelling after your exchange as opposed to before it because you will make so many friends on exchange that you can travel with!

On the advice of a UQ student who had gone on exchange to McGill University (which is also in Montreal) I decided to wait until I arrived in Montreal to find an apartment. Going on exchange is all about getting outside your comfort zone so although the thought of moving to a foreign country without a place to live is scary – I cannot recommend it enough! Before leaving Brisbane I booked a week in a hostel (M Montreal – highly recommended!) so I would have somewhere to stay while apartment hunting. I also met some people to look for an apartment with on the Hechange facebook group (don’t be scared to put yourself out there). Things could not have worked out better – I moved into an amazing apartment in Le Plateau on the first day of the semester with three amazing girls from Slovenia, France and the Czech Republic.

Report on the train the trainer intercultural communication program
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To all those who think life in Canada, Europe or

by anotherindian102

Australia is better. Why on earth would you want ANYONE want to live in places where the taxes are higher, salaries are lower, cost of goods and services (whether it be automobiles, clothes, food, electronics, etc.) are higher? Granted, many of these other countries give free or subsidized medicare and/or higher education. But I still say America is the best place on earth for the young. When you get old, it might be a good idea to immigrate to Canada (for the free healthcare, of course!) ;

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