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Dr.Cockroft and blogResearchers at the University of Saskatchewan have been studying diagnostic methods and new treatments for asthma, particularly allergic asthma, for more than 25 years. Don Cockcroft, MD and myself, Beth Davis, PhD carry out clinical trials testing novel therapies for the treatment of asthma as part of a collaborative with 5 other research centers across Canada as well as one additional center in Sweden. This group, the Clinical Investigator Collaborative, part of the AllerGen NCE Network, will be entering its ninth year of performing Industry driven clinical trials using their expertise in bronchoprovocation methods to study new molecules being developed for the treatment of asthma. For more information on clinical trials click here. Some highlights of the research sponsored by pharmaceutical companies included evaluation of a completely new approach to asthma treatment and a new ultra long-acting medication to reduce airflow resistance in the lungs.

Beth DavisThe U of S Researchers admit that brainstorming an idea and testing your own hypothesis provides the most satisfaction. Over the years the lab has produced some interesting findings including:

  1. Regular use of short-acting β2 agonist can cause an increase in how the airway responds to allergen and a loss in the protective effects against other stimuli such as methacholine;
  2. Inhaling methacholine with deep inhalations produces different test results than inhaling methacholine using two minute tidal breathing methodology. This can lead to false negative test results which may be important in determining whether or not an individual has asthma; and
  3. Taking a specific antihistamine tablet together with a leukotriene receptor-antagonists tablet a few hours before being exposed to an allergen can prevent this allergy from triggering your asthma.

Mexico Mayan Calendar UP Date GOP Coup Ends

by stinger4

Mexico Mayan Calendar UP Date GOP Coup Ends
Don't panic! Mayan timekeeper says world WON'T end in 2012... as it's only a calendar change
Many consider it a joke although others are scared we might never live to see next year thanks to the Mayan calendar’s ‘apocalyptic’ prediction.
But Mayan expert Leonzo Barreno, of Saskatchewan, Canada, says the ‘apocalypse’ concept is a false interpretation of the Long Count calendar.
The University of Regina journalism professor said Mayan elders taught him that December 21 this year simply marks the start of a new calendar

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International Experience Canada allows young people from 32 countries with relevant bilateral treaties with Canada to spend a year living and working in Canada (the minimum age is 18 and the maximum age is 30 for some countries and 35 for others).

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Content provided by (Reprint) Yearbook: 1956 University of Saskatchewan Greystone Yearbook Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
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DL #44 Zach Hart University of Saskatchewan Huskies
DL #44 Zach Hart University of Saskatchewan Huskies
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