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Top 10 Skiing Destinations in Canada

banffThe holiday season is still far from over and both the skiing fanatics and families that are a bit late on catching up with the holiday trip are just planning and packing to head to catch the last few good weeks at the skiing resorts. It does not need an expert to figure out that since summer will arrive soon, it is better to find skiing destinations that are closer to the North Pole.

This pretty much means that the famous skiing resorts north of the US border in Canada are a hot favorite. And with the country fast growing as a top notch skiing destination, it is no longer hard to find great quality resorts, fantastic skiing grounds and great family holiday trips. So how about heading up-north to find some sizzling snowfields …


whistler-1The Banff and Lake Louise area comprises of arguably one of the top skiing areas and facilities not just in Canada, but also on the planet. The exciting courses in the area offer five bowls with a vertical drop of more than 3, 280 ft. Obviously, the less adventurous and technically blessed skiers can ski around the Sunshine Village, which offers vast plain areas for you to practice. The powdery snow, its grand tradition as a skiing destination and world class facilities make Banff a complete delight for those who like to move on snow.


There are many skiers that consider the enormous fall and the vast snowfields that greet them at Whistler as the very best in the North American continent. The two mountains here have the biggest vertical drop, with more than 4, 921 ft of skiing on both mountains and a full 984 ft more than Jackson Hole (the highest in the US).

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This makes Whistler a complete delight for those who seek the mad rush of pulling off the biggest stunts on the grandest stage of them all. While the location gets plenty of snow making it great for skiers, its low altitude at places means the village at the bottom of the slopes is often drenched in rain. If you are a skier, this is not really something you would be too happy about.

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I have a question about traveling through Canada

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I am planning on driving through Canada from Alaska to the lower 48 around mid-March this year. I am using mapquest to get my directions and it keeps wanting me to take highway 97 and not highway 37 even though highway 97 goes through the nothern rockies and highway 37 will be less miles, less time, less estimated gas cost AND will get me to the same destinations I am planning on going. Is there ANY reason anyone can think of why to take highway 97 and NOT highway 37 for this trip? I traveled up through Canada on highway 97 to get to AK in October last year, it wasn't that bad but I did get caught up in some snow one night

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