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Why Canadian PR Firms Aren’t Blogging

Why Canadian PR Firms Aren’t Blogging image business blogging4We all love lists, especially “best of lists” related to our own profession. It is even better, of course, when people we know actually make the list—and when we make the list ourselves.

A number of “best PR blogs” lists recently surfaced. InkyBee, Cision and CyberAlert all weighed in, tackling the ranking in different ways using a variety of criteria.

InkyBee’s 60 best public relations blogs

InkyBee created its list of using a including:

  • An active and regular publishing schedule
  • Relevance to targeted keywords and phrases related to the public relations industry
  • Visibility including audience, connectedness and authority metrics
  • Engagement, such as social sharing, liking and commenting

Why Canadian PR Firms Aren’t Blogging image impact of monthly blog articles on trafficThe list includes only English language blogs. A mere four of the 60 blogs are from Canada, including yours truly who ranked 37th, with the balance hailing from the United States, Australia, the U.K. and Germany.

Cision’s top 50 public relations blogs

Cision generated its list of the by ranking each blog based on views per month and inbound links using data from its media database. The listed blogs cover “traditional PR industry issues, from best practices and ethics to emerging trends and industry news.”

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Cision does not list each blogs’ country of origin. I glanced through them and my best guess is most of them are based in the United States, with a handful from the UK and Canada.

CyberAlert’s 30 most influential bloggers in public relations

CyberAlert published the list of the, drawing from the authors of articles shared in its Media Monitoring News.

There are a number of great blogs on the list, including Avinash Kaushik’s and Australian, two of my all-time favourites. The only problem with this list is many of the blogs are not public relations blogs. As for Canadian content, there is not a lot, except for on marketing, influence and social media.

Where are the Canadian PR firms?

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Canadian PR entering US?

by borvonan

I'm an immigrant and have been here for 4 years, do not have a canadian passport yet.
I just have to get to Seattle. Going WITH school on a field study for 3 days.
I heard I can just pay about $10US at the border for that one visit...
just wondering, if I really need a visa to enter the border, cuz it costs $175 to get one from the embassy and by the time I get it it will be too late..
I used to live in the US as well..

Dismal jobs report takes steam out of Canadian dollar  — The Globe and Mail
The CFIB says there is indeed a labour shortage, small businesses in fact look first to fill their jobs with Canadians, temporary workers are more expensive than Canadians, and foreign temps actually help preserve Canadian jobs.

The good news and bad news about Canadian jobs numbers  — The Globe and Mail
It's no secret that the quantity of new Canadian jobs has stalled in recent months. But maybe we should be more worried that the quality is eroding, too.

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Unilever Layoffs: 280 Canadian Jobs Lost As Plant Moves To US  — Huffington Post Canada
TORONTO - A Unilever plant in Bramalea, Ont., that manufactures dry mixes for soups, sauces and other foods will close and its production capability shipped to the United States, the company announced Thursday.

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