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  • Tuition Fees: Based on 2 semesters
  • Expenses: Based on 2 semesters


Alberta’s international tuition fees are competitive with institutions across Canada. When you compare Canadian tuition costs to those in the United States, you’ll see that Canadian costs are more reasonable, while the quality of education remains high. Our cost-of-living is also lower than that in the United States, while our standard of living is exceptional.

Generally, international student fees for publicly-funded institutions in Alberta are calculated based on the actual cost of post-secondary education, while Canadians and landed immigrants pay tuition fees that are subsidized through the provincial government.

Just in case your plans to study in Canada...

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...through, why don't you apply for student aid in the U.S?
It is free to apply and does not take that long. If you are made an offer of student aid and you decide not to accept it, there is no penalty.
Here is where you can find out about Federal Student Aid programs:
Here is where you apply for Federal Student Aid:
Your state also provides student aid. Check on the FSA website to see if your state uses the FAFSA application

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