Employment in Canada

Canada Employment Insurance Commission (CEIC)

The main role of the CEIC is to assist Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) in managing the Employment Insurance (EI) Program. It is a tripartite organization with representation from business, labour and the Government of Canada.


The EI Commission is responsible for:

  • supporting the EI appeal system;
  • making regulations with the approval of the Governor in Council;
  • reviewing and approving policies related to EI program administration and delivery; and
  • continuing development of the EI Monitoring and Assessment report as a permanent annual report.

The Commission performs duties and functions in relation, but not limited to:

  • employment insurance;
  • employment services; and
  • the development and utilization of labour market resources.


The Commission has four members, representing the interests of government, workers and employers.

The Commissioner for Workers and the Commissioner for Employers are appointed by the Governor in Council for terms of up to five years. They are mandated to represent and reflect the views of their respective constituencies.

Migrate to Canada

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You are looking to find employment in Canada in hopes that if you work there for a year or more it will help you with your citizen registration, correct.
You should be looking in the employment section of this site under Toronto, Winnepeg, Quebec.
Post a job seeking ad. Find a place to stay there if you haven't already and wish for the best.

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QuickStats: Facts and figures about employment in Canada in month of April  — Vancouver Sun
OTTAWA - A quick look at April unemployment (previous month in brackets): Unemployment rate: 6.9 per cent (6.9). Employment rate: 61.5 per cent (61.7). Labour force participation rate: 66.1 per cent (66.2). Number unemployed: 1,328,600 (1,325,400).

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Unlike the Federal Skilled Worker Program, there is no exemption from these caps for those who have pre-arranged employment in Canada.

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Employment in Canada among workers under 55 is hundreds of thousands positions (from 441,000 to 618,000, depending on your choice of benchmark) below what it would be if previous peak balances between workers and jobs were re-attained today.

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