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Belizeans recruited to work in Canada say McDonald is modern-day

Jaime Montero, Terminated McDonald’s Employee

“When we arrived at the airport, they had said we already have an apartment for you. So at that point, we already know that we don’t have a choice of where to live and being new to Canada, we don’t know the areas of where to live or where work would be. So that’s another point that we couldn’t even decide. They didn’t even give us a choice to choose where to live. It was too far from work and it was very expensive. It was a little bit or more than half of our pay to be renting in a penthouse suite that they gave us. They said you have to live there. You signed a contract with the apartment building and you have no choice. They said if you didn’t want to live there anymore that you could have moved out and find somewhere else cheaper, but McDonalds would still be deducting the rent from your pay biweekly or monthly and plus you would have to be paying your new apartment that you would be staying. They brought us here and they are this big huge corporation and we felt that we didn’t stand a chance to even voice our opinion to them because they had brought us here so they could just ship us back whenever they wanted to. You work for us now, so we are your owners; it is like that. And we felt like left out, like slaves; they just brought us and threw us on the side and okay, you deal with your life from now on. You are just working for us and that’s it. If you complain, we will just ship you out. I see a lot of Canadian workers. There’s a lot of Canadians trying to find jobs; there is a lot of young people here that would want to find a job as well, but I don’t know what is the deal with McDonalds bringing workers and just mistreating them and just throwing them on the side. I don’t really have words for it, but it’s like a big scam that they were doing in Belize…just hiring a bunch of Belizeans to come to Canada.”

In an interview with News Five at the start of operations in Belize, president of the Actyl Group Dr. Linda West said that employment in Canada also provided opportunities for permanent residency and citizenship.

Dr. Linda West, President, Actyl Group [File: April 9th, 2013]

“Yes, this time we are mostly looking for people to work in McDonalds or Subway. Also fast-food restaurants. We are looking for people under the age of thirty-five; you must have high school (diploma). We prefer them to have some experience as a waiter or waitress or hospitality courses are very good also.”

Jose Sanchez

“In terms of the length of time once someone gets out there, they are thinking about the future of settling down; getting Canadian citizenship. How long does these other processes take once they are there?”

Dr. Linda West

“Yes it’s a great question. So you work generally for your same employer for two to three years. During that time, frequently you can emigrate to Canada and get your Canadian permanent residency and then your citizenship in five. Ah and that’s the full passport in five. You first go as a temporary foreign worker and if you are not successful then that’s all you get to do; is your two year contract. But the vast majority of people will all be given an opportunity to apply for permanent residency and then citizenship.”

Need help finding old (vintage?) parts

by beech332

Hello. I picked up a 1985 Team Fuji from a guy in Atlanta. I love the bike, but want to find original parts to replace some of the old upgrades.
Does anybody have any recommendations on where to look for Suntour Cyclone pedals? All I have seen are a few on Ebay and another pair on Craigslist in Canada. Are they really all that rare?
Another question...what tools do I need to change out both derailleurs. They look like they are clamped on, not brazed.
Any help would be appreciated. This will be the first time I will do this much work on a bike, so I don't want to damage anything

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