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New Canadian teachers head abroad amid tight job market

Gord DavisonNewly qualified Canadian teachers frustrated with the over-saturated teaching market in many major Canadian cities are setting their sights on international schools abroad, where they say professional and personal benefits far outweigh those back home.

"The Canadians I'm meeting abroad are pretty solid teachers, " says Jay Goodman, a 31-year-old high school teacher who is in his fourth year of international teaching. "They're young, excited, passionate teachers who just haven't been able to work with the system the way it is at home."

1st year teachers mostly unemployed, underemployed

After Goodman graduated from teachers' college in 2006, he luckily fell into nearly four years of contract work in Mississauga, Ont., filling in during maternity leaves before being squeezed out into the international school market.

'I had given up looking for a teaching job after eight months of pounding the pavement. My life was literally at a standstill.'— Gordon Davison, high-school teacher

"It was just like pregnancy to pregnancy, praying that people at the school would keep getting pregnant so that I could keep having a job, " he says. "Eventually, that ran out."

During those years of contract employment, Goodman searched for permanent work in Toronto, but was unable to land a coveted classroom teaching position.

In 2012, more than one in three Ontario teachers who graduated the previous year and applied for teaching jobs were unemployed, according to a survey by the Ontario College of Teachers. Meanwhile, only one in three teachers who managed to secure employment worked as much as they wanted to.

A teacher candidate's marketability

A more marketable teacher candidate will have an easier time finding a job, even in a tough job market, says Elspeth Morgan, the co-ordinator of the faculty of educations's education career services at Queen's University.

Marketability depends on:

  • What the person is qualified to teach, with certain subject areas (such as French and high-school sciences) more in demand.
  • Where the person is willing to work, with more jobs cropping up in areas with high employment, such as near Alberta's oil industry communities.
  • How well they can communicate their skills in a cover letter and resumé.
  • How well they can communicate their skills at an interview.
  • What someone's references have to say about them.

Gordon Davison, a 33-year-old high school teacher, struggled to find work in this small, competitive market. He applied to several Ontario schools and school boards — even snagging one, ultimately unsuccessful, interview.

Davison started working as a bartender and server in Bowmanville, Ont., and eventually moved back in with his mother.

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