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Who is EF Education First?

Our mission and our passion are one and the same. For almost 50 years, we’ve helped millions of people become citizens of the world by breaking down barriers of language, culture and geography. Through cultural exchanges, educational travel, language training and degree programs—we put education first. Altogether, our programs have helped more than 15 million students learn a language, discover the world or earn an academic degree.

Who is EF Educational Tours in Canada?

EF is the world leader in international education and student travel, with schools and offices in more than 50 countries. Teachers and schools choose us because we support them every step of the way as they plan their educational tour.International Tours Students love us because a global experience forever changes lives, and parents value us because our all-inclusive trips feature guaranteed lowest prices.

International Tours

Students will experience history where it happened, languages where they are spoken and cultures where they are lived. When a teacher explores the world with their students, they strengthen their connections with them and make a lasting impact on their lives.

North American Tours

Fully customizable educational tours to North America’s most inspiring destinations–including New York City and Ottawa–redefine learning outside the classroom, for teachers and their students.International Tours It’s the next step in having a broader understanding of the world we live in.


Through our partnership with Me to We, we offer students the opportunity to travel abroad to a Free The Children community in places like South America, Asia, and Africa.International Tours Students’ eyes will open to the world as they volunteer and get their hands dirty digging wells, laying foundations for schools and teaching local children. They’ll take part in local traditions, share discussions on social issues and witness challenges facing local communities – and return home with a new international perspective and an enormous sense of pride and accomplishment in having made a difference.

Science and Innovation Tours

EF's range of Science and Innovation Tours take science, environmental and technology lessons further and inspire students to become actively involved in the world around them. Immersive eco-educational tours provide students with the knowledge and tools to address issues of sustainability at home and abroad.

Canada’s History Tours

Canada’s history is the story of challenges and achievements of great people. On a Canada’s History Tour, students will relive those challenges, celebrate those achievements and learn firsthand about the great people and crucial events that have shaped our nation. These awe-inspiring tours give students a better understanding of Canada’s past and prepare them to contribute more to Canada’s future.

Same problem here in canada

by etranze

I feel that it is the unions who are making our contries less competitive against our foreign counterparts. granted both our countries rely on immigration and stable trade relationships with many of the outsourcable nations; however, there should be a high degree of protectionism when it comes to jobs of high skill sets (doctors, engineers, chemists and so on). This is because in their native countries masters degrees are only 2 year programs with little or no practical learning applications. while in canada and the us while in a masters/ post grad program practical learning is essentially a must in addition to the 4-7 year difference from that of nations like india, pakistan, china, and bagladesh

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While there are definitely more jobs available in Canada, you do still have to work at it. “We always encourage our participants to embrace Canadian lifestyle with many trying their hand at the various winter sports that are not generally found in Ireland.

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