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Is Medical School Just for Rich Kids? This Native American Woman Says Yes

LilyDear Dr. Wible,

This will be my last e-mail to you because I am giving up on my dream of being a doctor.

I’ve contacted so many colleges and medical schools hoping to find one that would help me become a doctor for my tribe. Today, I finally got a response from the University of Pennsylvania! But when I opened the official e-mail, all I saw was a pretty girl with beautiful eyes staring back at me. She introduced herself as Lily, a premed majoring in biology with a specialization in neuroscience. She is a sophomore just like me.

Lily writes: “I am currently a research assistant in the neuroscience lab, where I am analyzing the neural circuits underlying the development of empathy in young children. Over the summer I volunteered at Children’s Hospital where I shadowed a pediatric neurosurgeon and attended my first brain surgery! This year I am President of Student Affairs so I’ll be organizing all the fun large-scale events on campus.Me Currently I am on the dance team and I love it! My biggest project right now is working with a mobile clinic in Peru. Being able to shadow local doctors, dentists, and gynecologists, build sanitary bathrooms, and educate the people on basic hygiene was a great experience for me. . .” She ends her marketing pitch by inviting future students to participate in her exciting activities.

Lily and I have similar dreams. The difference is that she is from Asia while I’m Native American. She will be a pediatrician while I want to be a family physician.

Seek the advice of a nutrionist

by magicthighs

Physicians and pediatricians are woefully under trained in the subject of nutrition. The medical schools in Canada spend very little time on the subject, although I do not know what it is like in the US. I am a scientist and a doctor, so I typically rely on experts in a particular field (pediatricians and nutritionists, in your case) or search the scientific literature to find answers to questions that perplex me.
As stated in my previous post, your son is at a critical time of development and it's good you have such an active interest in his nutrition. Off hand, I know that omega-3 fatty acids are critical to brain development, as is folic acid

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