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Nursing as a Career

Hear about the factors that influenced Nicole to enroll in the Practical Nursing program at Vancouver Career College!

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Vancouver Career College Practical Nursing ProgramOur Practical Nursing students are taught using real life situations so they will be well-prepared for work in the field.

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Practical nursing (PN) is the second largest nursing group in Canada. PNs combine nursing knowledge, skill and judgment to treat health conditions, promote health, prevent illness, and assist clients to achieve optimal levels of health and wellness. Practical nurses use the nursing process to assess, plan, implement and evaluate the outcomes of holistic care provided to diverse clients and their families throughout their lifespan, as disease progresses, as well as through palliative stages.

As a regulated nursing profession, PNs practise within the provincially established scope of practice, competency standards, and code of ethics.

The objective of the Practical Nursing program is to train high caliber, knowledgeable, competent and accountable practical nurses that will be able to work in collaboration with members of a healthcare team in order to efficiently deliver client-centred, culturally safe care to individuals, families and groups of all ages. Care must be delivered to patients from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds in various practice settings in BC.

The curriculum provides learners with multiple learning opportunities to develop, integrate, and demonstrate knowledge, skills and judgment that are translated into superior reflective practice and meets all CLPNBC (College of Licensed Practical Nursing British Columbia) competencies and standards.

"I had a great instructor. She had worked in the field for many years and had been nursing her entire life. She taught us practical things and answered any question that we had, even if she had to do a little research.”

If your so concerned about

by Agency_Hater

All the jobs that don't require a college degree. Then go to college and you won't have to worry.
I don't need to wake up. I am perfectly ware of what the government has done.
But just so your aware....they won't be anymore so called borders between the U.S, Canada and Mexico. In the next few years it will be one passport and one currency. And then you won't have to worry about foreigners taking the job you were to lazy to get up off your computer and find anyhow.
By the way...last time I checked..Nursing needed a degree..

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