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In 1910, Marconi looked out over the Atlantic Ocean with a dream of magically pulling sound out of thin air. He called it radio. Radio - it’s all around us. It never sleeps, and 24 hours a day it’s alive with the vibrations of music, information and entertainment!

The announcers are the ones who give life to the airwaves. Radio is created by people sitting in small dark rooms, letting their imaginations run wild. And now more than ever, the media needs creativity. Radio programming will not be able to compete through the next decade by providing music alone. Just as it has been over the past nine decades, the people behind the microphone will continue to be broadcasting's greatest strength! Radio stations, television stations, and production studios all require highly-talented performing personalities to attract and satisfy their audiences.

When it comes to creating talent that scores in the broadcasting industry, no training program comes better-equipped than Western Academy - Western Academy is excellence in broadcast training. With decades of experience, WABC is proud to offer one of Canada’s leading broadcast training programs.

As listeners have discovered, winning radio stations have moved dramatically away from the concept of imitating department store 'muzak' which features unending back-to-back hits-in-a-row - to instead providing radio with personality where the announcer communicates with an audience, offering a show that is interesting, informative and entertaining.

If you’re not training in a program that reinforces these concepts, you may be stuck with only meager, basic broadcast performing skills that have been left far behind by the sound of today’s true personality radio stations.

In choosing a broadcasting career, it’s all on your shoulders. You have to create and enhance the on-air sound and personality that will attract an audience. To produce the results you’ll be proud to play back, Western Academy trains you to a perform as a personality. Your WABC audition tapes will deliver the professional sound and the superior talent you must have when your reputation as a professional broadcaster is on the line.

As one of Canada’s leading broadcast training programs, Western Academy knows performing, and understands how performance works together with the professional broadcasting industry. That’s why WABC offers so much choice in every single area of the media. Western Academy’s 7 professional radio studios offer EACH student DAILY studio time right from the first day of classes. The dynamic program is designed to develop communicating skills behind the mike as a ‘‘deejay personality’’. In addition, the finely-crafted journalism program develops news/sportscasting skills in news strategy, writing, reporting and interviewing. Plus the WABC program utilizes a professional instructors in a one-on-one tutoring to help you develop communicating & performing techniques that are second to none. Western Academy is a sound investment in your future!

Two different Television Training programs offer many more career options. The TV STUDIO PRODUCTION course utilizes a 3-camera TV Studio and Master Control for training in video switching, camera operating, tv audio, and directing - plus anchoring in news/sportscasts, hosting talk shows, performing interviews and televsion commercials. The FIELD CAMERA VIDEO training utilizes camera shooting ‘‘outside’’ the studio, combined with video editing afterwards to create the finished video product ready for broadcasting.

The WABC program is the hardest working Radio/TV course in broadcasting - because it was designed from day one by people who are obsessed with excellence. Western Academy’s reputation speaks for itself, and it’s a lot to live up to. The success rate continues to be a phenomenal 90%+ job placement rate! We offer congratulations to all our graduate broadcasters. WABC is understandably excited at having been an integral part of your success. Thanks again. You’ve done Western Academy proud with your first-class performance!

Broadcast training can be a long and winding road. You choose the direction of your broadcasting career and WABC lights the way. No matter what path your broadcasting career follows, Western Academy knows exactly how to get you there. The future of broadcasting never looked brighter when your broadcast training comes from Western Academy. If your requirements are for excellence, ultimate performance and fine skills in Broadcast Training, Western Academy will surpass your every expectation. Join the more than 1000 job placements who have used Western Academy to achieve careers in broadcasting. Enrol now and you could be ON-THE-AIR within the next year. Open the door to a broadcasting career. Step through the door for a radio career, or television career or both. Western Academy - Saskatchewan's ONLY COMPLETE RADIO & TV Broadcast Training Program!

Clartes D'Evangile Sur Nos Sentiers-causeries Bibliques De Radio-College De La Societe Radio-Canada D'octobre 1945 Avril 1946
Book (Editions Franciscaines)

I regularly listen to AM radio news NPR news and

by tinfoilwars

My family members watch 10 o'clock news.
Not even mentioned briefly.
I do occasionally watch the foreign news broadcasts on a local college station. I took some time specifically to look for this story.
RT covered it, BBC covered it, NHK (Japan)covered it, Deutsche Welle (Germany) covered it, South Korea Today covered it, Al Jazeera at least mentioned it. (no video footage like the others) All on their 'headline news' segments.
USA networks? Nuthin.
On shortwave it was covered on Radio Havana Cuba, BBC, China Radio International, CBC, (Canada) Radio Australia, Deutsche Welle, Radio Nederlands, and of course WWCR.
Voice of America News?

CEO Allen's Much Criticized Management Style Under Scrutiny  — Channel 7 Daily News
And, indeed, that sort of thing, going above the heads of others, and keeping them out of the loop is what we have consistently heard about Dr. Allen's management style.

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