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Team Canada 2014: Royal St George's College

Team Canada 2014

Introducing Team Canada from Royal St George's College, Toronto:

Hi, I’m R.J.

I read a lot, and I like to play golf, but the thing I like to do most is practise magic. I’ve been doing magic for about three years and this year I attended a four-day convention with over 900 magicians from around the world, which was awesome. My current favourite book is Tomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone in Cornwall this summer.

Hi, I’m Stefan.

Being on the Kids' Lit team doesn't just make me a reader. I love to play video games like many children all over North America. I admit that sometimes I play for too long, but the amount of reading I do balances it out. In Cornwall, I am definitely looking forward to meeting all of the other contestants and, of course, sight-seeing.

Hi, my name is Luca.

I am the youngest member of Team Canada. As you guys probably know already, I love to read. Aside from reading, I like to play the piano, sing, and write. I have even composed a few songs. Inspired by books, I am starting to write a book on the struggles of the poor. Looking forward to meeting everybody and visiting England for the first time.

Hi, my name is Ryan.

I love history and my favourite area of study is European History from the Norman Conquest to the Tudor Era in England. It restarts at the Seven Years War (it lasted nine!) and goes to the end of the Second World War. I love collecting coins and I would love to exchange coins when we meet in Cornwall.

Team Canada by Michelle Carter

Team Canada from Royal St. George’s College, was formed this school year.

Previous competitors, Luca, RJ, and Ryan participated in the KLQ 2013 Nationals. This fall, we welcomed Stefan, a RSGC “new boy”, to our KLQ school team.

My Dad the WWll War Hero

by docrepro

His father was a politician. My Dad felt that the US needed to enter the war.
He graduated from college and went to Canada to join the the Royal Canadian Air force. He took flight training and flew supplies to Russia. When the US finally entered the war he came back and joined the Army Air Corps and flew for the th USA. Most guys died, he got the DFC in the Burma China theater. Those men gave America the superpower
status, they had to wait for their death to destroy it. I Blew up my Dads photo 50x100. Thanks Dad for 50 years of bliss, on behalf of all Americans, young and old.

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