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International Scholarships Canada

CUAC Universities offer a variety of international scholarships to students with strong academic results before they come, and even to students for performance during their university studies.

All applications are automatically considered for an entrance scholarship.
It is not necessary to complete any extra form or supply extra information.

In almost all cases, at the time you receive your admission decision, you will also be advised if you have qualified for any scholarship.

International Scholarship awards range from $500 one time up to $4, 000 for each of four years for a total of $16, 000.

While scholarships and jobs may help reduce the cost of your education, there is still a requirement that you can show the Canadian visa office, that you have enough money to support your studies.

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Krylon scholarships for young artists

by Alibara

Any young artists in your family? I saw this in my daily newspaper...
Five $1,000 Krylon Clear Choice Art Scholarships.
Complete with a gift package of Krylon Artist Sprays and Adhesives. In addition, the art program at each winner’s school will receive a $500 grant and a large gift package of Krylon Artist Sprays and Adhesives.
Ten students and their schools will each receive gift packages of Krylon Artist Sprays and Adhesives.
Here are some of the requirements:
Today’s art students are tomorrow’s fine artists. Krylon Products Group is proud to invest in the future of art by awarding
scholarships to help promising art students with rising tuition costs

CEO Allen's Much Criticized Management Style Under Scrutiny  — Channel 7 Daily News
And, indeed, that sort of thing, going above the heads of others, and keeping them out of the loop is what we have consistently heard about Dr. Allen's management style.

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