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Despite the fact that Canadian education is almost wholly administered at the provincial level, the federal government has assumed responsibility for funding and encouraging the education of Canada’s indigenous peoples, who have traditionally been underserved by the state education system. The federal government has also made it a stated goal to establish education in the official minority languages in each province and provide funding to support the development and maintenance of these programs. Canadian children, like their parents, have access to national healthcare and, for those students living in poverty, income subsidies. With concerns about health care and basic income removed, parents and students are more able to focus on academic performance and students are less likely to leave school at an early age to pursue full-time work.

Since 2003, Ontario has focused on supporting struggling students in schools. As part of their goal to improve literacy and numeracy rates, the ministry has implemented a series of major reforms. These included establishment of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat, a one-hundred person team, separate from the Ministry, devoted exclusively to working closely with districts and schools to improve literacy and numeracy. The Secretariat works with schools to set high but achievable goals for improvement in these basic skills and to identify ways to improve achievement. Specially-designated teams at both the school and district levels were funded to support the program, creating the capacity needed to carry it out. The result of these efforts was to raise the average passing rate on provincial exams from 55% in 2003 to about 70% in 2010 on reading. math and writing in grade 3, with increases of 10% to 12% in the same subjects in grade 6.

The second major reform was the Student Success Strategy, which focused on identifying potential dropouts early and providing them with the additional help they needed to succeed, including one-on-one learning opportunities, development of a range of new high school majors to appeal to a larger number of students, and the addition of experiential learning to classroom learning. Government provided the resources the high schools needed to hire designated special teachers whose role was to support this program in each school. The result was an increase in high school graduation rates from 68% in 2003, when the new government came into office, to 81% in 2011.

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by covert1

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