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It’s official (in my books). Canada has pirates. It’s true. We have been invaded by pirates. The kind that show us shiny new trinkets with one hand, and reach deeply into our pockets to take our money with the other. They taunt us with their angry birds, promise tunes to soothe our woes, and capture memories to soon forgotten. They tell us it’s easy, everyone is doing it…just sign on the dotted line.

Who are these master pirates that have seiged hard working Canadians?

Sometimes the amount that we agree to pay is not the amount that we get charged. With little to no regulation in Canada in regards to cell phone companies the consumer is the one who pays the price. Having a cell phone is great for doing group work and keeping in contact with friends and family. Be very careful of the company and plan you choose or you could end up paying all your OSAP on a phone bill. ? Find a plan that works for you, and keep checking your bill for any “surprises”. Research the company you are interested in, and check the internet to see what customers are saying about the company. Hopefully, you will not get the surprise I did when my phone company called asking me to pay $96.00 in late fees that I didn’t know had accumulated (I think from a “free” song download, and sending photos through the phone).

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Higher Education Special Education in Canada
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by covert1

I wonder what canada spends on their social heath care and education. do you think it's $700 billion(or whatever the projected expense of the war is). sure, factor in their gnp(gdp?) and one could guestimate, if they were such fools playing by american rules, that their price tag on the war would be $200-300 B.
i wonder what their ratio would be between social programs and a special interest war.
i know bellyaching isn't proactive but wtf are we gonna do? ride out the administration only to have W proclaim he is the winner again an be in office for another 4 excruciating years? who will the hawks put into office next? is cheaney in line?
i do decalare that if W, rums, wolf and the others perished that i wouldn't be sad

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