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amazing-living-room-home-construction-interior-design-ideas-with-picturesFor people looking for the best interior design schools around the world, here is a list of five of the best of the best in terms of education, environment, facilities, faculty, and professional preparation. There is nothing better than the schools listed below.

1. Florence Design Academy
The Interior Design course offered at the Design Academy in Florence (Florence, Italy) is offered as one year, two years, and the course of three years. It is one of the best design schools in Europe. It offers high-tech equipment to make their ideas, as well as professional design studios: professional workstations, High resolution monitors 19 “, digital graphics tablet with stylus, and more.

All courses are taught in English. This school is considered as one of the top international awards for teachers and designers.
2. The Interior Design School
Diploma of Interior Design Interior Design School (London, UK) is a broad title for a year. The share of actual enrollment is 20, 050 pounds sterling. This rate includes all necessary equipment, including a MacBook Pro laptop

London offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere for any student. Graduates find jobs easily worldwide. Besides the main title 1 year, School of Interior Design also offers courses ranging from 1 day to 2 years.

3. Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design
The Bachelor of Science in Design in Europe – tormentor interior design and furniture design is a 3-year program at the Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design-Institute of Applied Arts and Design (Torino, Italy). Each student must submit an application through a personal interview and e-mail, a letter of motivation, curriculum vitae and a possible personal file.

home-design-wallpapers-hd4.Vancouver School of Art and Design
The course of Interior Design at the Vancouver School of Art and Design (Vancouver, BC, Canada) takes up to 6 periods to complete. Vancouver is a nice city on the Pacific coast of Canada. Students will enjoy a pleasant climate throughout the year, as compared to other Canadian cities like Toronto or Montreal.

The course focuses on the creation of interior design concepts and designs for residential, commercial, industrial and public projects. Graduates will be able to work as an interior designer, design consultant, project manager and planner.

5.Lorenzo de Medici School
The title of Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) in Interior Design at the Scuola Lorenzo de ‘Medici is a program of 120 credits. Every year, more than 2, 000 students from around the world come to study in Italy at Scuola Lorenzo de Medici”.

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